Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Customize Reports - Desktop Part I

QuickBooks provides its users with a vast array of reports.  This has been expanded in recent versions with reports contributed by users.  Trying to find a contributed report that meets your needs can almost seem like looking for the needle in the haystack.  Customizing a stock report and then saving it in an area you specify with a name that will be easy for you to remember is not difficult.  In this first article, I will explain how to change the columns appearing on your report.

Open the report that meets most of your needs then click on the Customize button (I am working from the report Income by Customer Detail).  The report has more detail to it than my manager wants to see, so I am going to remove some of the columns.  In the Customize box on the Display tab, in the lower left hand corner you will see a list under the header Columns.  The items with a checkmark next to them are the current column headers.  To remove a column from the report, simply click on the item to remove the checkmark.  In the Income by Customer Detail report, I am going to remove the “Account”, “Clr” (this indicates if the transaction has been reconciled), “Split”, “Debit,” “Credit” and “Balance” columns.  Next, I am going to click on “Amount” to add it as a column to my report. I now have a report which highlights the information my manager really needs – how much income the company has received from each customer over the selected period of time.

Next, click on the Header/Footer tab so you can rename the report.  In the Report Title section, highlight the current title and type in your new one.  You can also eliminate information such as time and date the report was prepared by unchecking the box.

When you are finished with your changes, be sure to click on the OK box to save the changes you have made.  If the new report meets your needs, click on the Memorize button to save this report in your company file.  Enter the new name of the report and determine which report group you want to save it to.

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