Saturday, July 27, 2013

Customize Reports - Desktop Part II

One of my clients has been so successful in growing one of their business lines that they are looking at new management software to keep everything organized.  There was immediate panic by employees, dreading the thought of having to hand enter all the customer and vendor information in the new system.

I was able to put them at ease by assuring them that all the information could be pulled from their QuickBooks files.  The first step was to add Custom Fields to both the customer and vendor files, providing a unique identity to the needed files.  Adding this field ID to specific customers and vendors did take a little time, but not near as much as hand entering the data.

Next, I opened the Vendor Contact List Report.   By clicking on the Customize Report button, then the Filters tab you can select the Vendor Type and from the drop down box, you can select the custom field name you chose.  A review of the new software program gave me the data fields required for specific tasks.  I went to the Display tab on Customize Reports to eliminate the fields I didn’t need and add the ones I would need.  The next step was to run the report to see what information was missing from my QuickBooks data.  I memorized the report, entered the missing data, then reran the report and created an Excel worksheet.  I choose to export through Excel as that was an option provided by the new program.

Not only was this a much simpler method of transferring data from one software program to another, it highlighted the information which was missing from the QuickBooks records.

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