Saturday, August 17, 2013

Continuing Eduaction

I do accounting and budgeting for an Adult Education program where we are pushing students to take classes and take the GED test before the new, harder version comes out in January 2014.  In my personal life, I began studying for the QuickBooks Advanced Certification late fall/early winter.  If I don't complete the test before mid-September, I will have to first pass the current year test and then begin studying for the new version of the advanced test.  Guess you know what I am doing this week-end?

Learning new facts/programs/skills should be an ongoing process until the day you die.  It keeps the mind active, helps you to understand at least some of the things going on in the world (politics not among them), and provides topics of conversation that are less argumentative than the aforementioned politics.

I am also learning a new software program called Buildium.  My property management client has doubled in size over the past year and needed a more pro-active method of tracking information on properties, tenants and owners.  The new program is web based, so the Property Manager can actually have some time off and other staff members will be able to access information to engage vendors to take care of problems tenants have called in.  While it has taken quite a bit of time to front load all of the information in the new system (thanks goodness for technology which let me copy and paste from one program to another), it will make my life easier as well.

Isn't that another reason to learn new things?

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