Sunday, August 11, 2013

Items – Part II

Today I will discuss the other items types that are not used as often but could be very helpful to you in your business.  Remember, one of the main functions of Items is to make it easy for you to invoice your clients/customers for the items or services they buy from you.

Do you offer delivery services at a fee?  Perhaps the fee is dependent on where the customer lives in relation to where your business is located.  For this circumstance, you will create an Other Charge.  You can also use this item type to charge a flat service charge – for example, a plumber charges $60 to go to a customer’s home to assess the situation.

As a building contractor, you may not stock supplies but purchase them as needed.  To show a charge on the customer’s invoice, you will create a Non-Inventory Item for each item you supply.
Want to total the cost of inventory or non-inventory parts separate from service or hourly labor charges?  Then set up a Subtotal in between the two types of charges.  This will also be helpful for your customers to check taxes if you are only required to charge tax on parts but not labor.

Contractors often require a down payment prior to beginning work.  Use the Payment Item to create a separate line item showing the amount the customer will be paying upon acceptance of the contract/estimate.

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